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Go Start your Projects Softwares for Startups and Entrepreneurs


Projectsgogo is a subsidiary of Waxdale Ecosystem Inc. Waxdale is an innovative investment company that focuses on ventures. Projectsgogo focuses on creating and testing softwares that will cater to the needs of entrepreneurs and startups. The organization hires the best software engineers from North America and Asia. Both Projectsgogo and Waxdale have a strong presence in the United States, Canada and India. To learn more about Projectsgogo and its parent company Waxdale Ecosystem Inc. do not hesitate to contact us today.


We are currently working on multiple softwares to help our clientele build their startups. We want to be recognized as the go to company when it comes to startup design and operations.

The first software to hit the market is our beloved Ideah!Box software, we believe that Ideah!Box will help anyone who wants to find the next best business idea. We don’t believe that company creation should be based on fads, but rather based solely on problem solving. The bigger the problem the higher the potential return, this is our philosophy and it should be yours as well.

Click here to access Ideah!Box’s website

The 60Pivots online software is a 60-day program that enables you to build your startup from anywhere in the world. The idea behind 60Pivots is to provide you with a Launcher Program that will guide you and help you structure your business. Since Ideah!Box helps you find an idea and structure your business model, 60Pivots can help you launch that business within 60 days. The platform also allows you to take notes and report analytics. You can go as fast you want or take your time.

Click here to access 60Pivots’ website

ProjectsgogoSoftwares for Startups and Entrepreneurs

Easy Access from any device

Use any device to access our online softwares.

Easy to Use

We focus on making it easy for you to build your company with our softwares.

Workflow is Easy to Follow

Our software workflow makes you go from one step to the next without much challenge. Which optimizes the user experience.

Easy Navigation System

Our softwares are easy to understand and the navigation process is easy to follow.

Accesible to you and your co-founders

A company is built in team, give access to your co-founders easily.

Always Downloadable

You can always download a PDF version of your work, use that option to update your paperwork.

Waxdale Ecosystem Inc. aims at providing entrepreneurs with the best tools to build their companies. At Waxdale business engineering is a continuous process that requires great business softwares.

Our software engineers are some of the best in the market and they make it easy for us to offer you the best products.

We are always looking for the best software ideas to help you easily navigate through the startup creation process. We focus on ideation, finance and all other relevant categories.

Our Current Softwares

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